Welcome to Furry and Me


We breed rabbits for pets. But you can find other pets on here sometimes as well like kittens, rats, texas a&m quails/chicks, and baby chicks(chickens). Our pets come with a large variety of personalities. currently, we only breed flemish giant rabbits and sometimes flemish giant cross. Our pets do not get vaccinated. But we do keep them in a clean environment and give them medications if they need it. We are a member of the (ARBA) American Rabbit Breeders Association. 


To obtain a bunny from us, or any other pet, you need to come and pick it up or meet somewhere close by. Pay with cash only. We are located in Andover, Minnesota USA. 


Any pet that will be going to be available for sale will be posted under sale icon with their price and information. 


*the bunnies that are allowed to leave our rabbitry have to be at least 12 weeks of age or be self-sustainable. We make sure that our bunnies are healthy when they go to their new home. You are allowed to inspect the bunny during the purchase. If not satisfied, you are not forced to make the purchase. after the purchase has been made we will not be responsible for that bunny anymore. 


*rates will be allowed to be rehomed at the age of 5 weeks old.


*kittens will be allowed to be rehomed at the age of 8 weeks old.

Furry & me